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LBT was founded in 1991. Today, we use state-of-the-art machinery, equipment and raw materials; have a production area larger than 1000m2 and employ more then 70 workers in our 8 retail stores and few dozens of places where measurements are taken. Our mechanicians and shoemakers are among the country’s best professionals.  Activities of LBT cover almost the whole spectrum of the supply of therapeutic devices for patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, while the Company is also able to satisfy the demand of physicians and patients for other devices.

The range of offered products is designed in consideration to the needs of the physician community 
in order to raise the level of medical attendance to the possible highest quality.

Since its foundation, the Company has been a pioneer in the treatment of orthopaedic deformities of the leg, in the medical treatment of legs of diabetes sufferers and in the discovery of modern devices serving the treatment of children with cerebral paresis. The Company has developed, tested and generalized several therapeutic equipment and some of them are subsidized by the national social security system.

LBT has extensive international connections in fields of medical attendance and rehabilitation.  We are exclusive representatives of several well-known international manufacturers.

national size-taking network and own manufacturing capacities (orthopaedic instrument rooms, shoemaking workshop, sewing plant) ensure proper attendance to individuals or even people with special medical needs.